Quick Start Installation Document (PDF)

How to Setup the DVD Copy Plugin (PDF)

Client Server
How to setup client/server in xlobby for thin clients.

Foobar 2000
How to use foobar 2000 in xlobby.

KX DSP for Xlobby *UPDATED 15/3/07*
How to setup basic KX DSP screens for using in multi-zoning audio.

Explains how to use a language file in xlobby.

Master List of Plugins document *UPDATED 27/9/07*
Plugin List updated 27/9/07

Password Protecting Screens
How to password protect a screen.

Plugin Basics
How to start a basic plugin in Visual Studio .NET

Plugin Source Code Examples
Sample C# source code for making your own plugin.

Pocket PC Hardbuttons
How to use hard buttons on your pocket pc.

Saving Information to Variables
How to save information to a variable.

Setting up demos and trailers before a movie

Variable List
The entire list of available variables in xlobby.