xLobby Faq.

Question: Can you customize the xLobby interface

Answer: Yes, xLobby has a builtin powerful skin editing system with easy to use tools, providing users the ability to modify or create any interface they want.

Question: Can other control systems be used with xLobby

Answer: Yes, xLobby can be controlled by Crestron, AMX, Universal Remote Control, Pronto, RTI among others including xLobbys own powerful control interface.

Question: How many clients can watch movies at the same time.

Answer: xLobby can support between 5-10 clients depending on the setup.

Question: How many DVD movies can I store on my xLobby Client system

Answer: The average DVD movie requires approximately 7 GB of storage. Therefore, you can expect to store approximately 60 DVDs on a 500 GB Disk drive with space for the xLobby OS and room for Music, Pictures, Videos. Additional drive storage can be added using external USB hard drives or by accessing xLobby servers or xLobby NAS (Network attached Storages) systems with larger storage capacities. Storage math: (60 Movies x 7GB ea.= 420GB) with 20GB for xLobby + OS leaving 60GB.

Question: How many audio CDs can I store on my xLobby Client system.

Answer: The average audio CD requires about 0.60 gigabytes of storage. Therefore, you can expect to store approximately 800 CDs on a standard 500 GB drive minus 20GB of space for the OS with no room for Movies, Pictures. Storage Math: (800 Cds x 0.60MB ea.= 480GB) . 832 CDs can be stored on a 500GB external drive.

Question: What input devices does xLobby support.

Answer: xLobby supports IR remotes, Touchscreens, PS2, IR-RF Mouse & Keyboard.

Question: How long does it take to import a DVD or CD?

Answer: DVDs take between 7-9 minutes, CDs between 2-3 minutes.


Question: What is the xlobby Music & Movie spider?

Answer: xLobby has its own online database of Movie & Music titles with prestine cover artwork and Movie details. Users can access xLobbys online database to select which title matches there content. xLobby also uses multiple online websites to access as a backup method to obtain cover artwork and content information.

Question: Does xLobby support Multi-Zone audio.

Answer: Yes xLobby client or server based products support up to 4 audio streams with individual music track assignment and volume controls. xLobby provides Stereo analog audio outputs for use with a standard stereo amplifier or Russounds CAM, CAV products or any other muti-zone audio control systems.

4 Zones of independent Audio from xLobby


4 Zones of Audio Synced to any one of the 4 independent Zones

Question: What Video output resolutions are supported by xLobby.

Answer: xLobby supports HDTV 480P, 720P, 1080I for component and DVI-HDMI Video outputs. Our new HDMI 1080p graphic cards will be available sometime in April 2008.

Question: What types of Touchscreens does xLobby support.

Answer: xLobby supports both serial RS232 and USB type. Touchscreen Forum Topic: http://xlobby.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=28

Question: Can xLobby password protect menu items.

Answer: Yes.

Question: How do you delete a Album title permanetly from the Music database.

Answer: Navigate to the Generic Music menu, Select the artist, the track overlay menu will load, select the button labeled " Delete Album", this will prompt you yes\no to permanetly delete the Album from the database.

Question: What type of universal remotes can control xLobby.

Answer: The xLobby client or server can be controlled with just about any universal remote. Depending on the capabilities of the remote, control may be simple 1-button actions to get to specific places in the xLobby interface, or may be more general and require multiple button presses to get to a specific Menu. A complete Hex code file is availabe for our standard remote control, part number 95-1070. http://www.calrad.com/download/95-1070.wir