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Re: DVD Profiler to Xlobby Import Utility

Postby Carlos Delgado on Tue Aug 10, 2010 11:45 pm


Great ? Thanks so much for your help again.

One other question:

I am using xlobby Free version and was wondering how do I add a search for the Actor. When I go to the Skin Editor I have a few options. set filter to the following Director or Rating or Year or Genre or Alphabet ect..

I want to be able to search on the main Actor Example: Denzel Washington - But I do not have a filer for Actor can more filers be added some how.

FYI. I am still new to Xlobby but I am learning.


Carlos D.

jovial_mood wrote:In DXC you need to click "Setup/Select information to import" and then check the information you want to import.

If you select "Actors" the five first actors in movie credits will be imported to Xlobby DB <actors> node.
If you select "Cast" the complete cast will be imported to Xlobby <cast> node.
If you select "Crew" the complete crew will be imported to Xlobby <crew> node.

Now that you mentioned it I noticed that only DXC versions prior to 2.0 imports data to the Xlobby <director> node. I've added the director option again in DXC v2.2.

You can download it here:
v2.2 (10 August 2010) http://www.jovialmood.st/files/dxc/dxc22.zip (91k)

I also rewrote the code for crew and cast importing in v2.2 as it was very slow in prior versions.

Import examples from the film "The Book of Eli":

Code: Select all
Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, Mila Kunis, Ray Stevenson, Jennifer Beals

Code: Select all
Albert Hughes, Allen Hughes

Code: Select all
Denzel Washington - Eli
Gary Oldman - Carnegie
Mila Kunis - Solara
Ray Stevenson - Redridge
Jennifer Beals - Claudia
Evan Jones - Martz
Joe Pingue - Hoyt
Frances de la Tour - Martha
Michael Gambon - George
Tom Waits - Engineer
Chris Browning - Hijack Leader
Richard Cetrone - Hijacker
Lateef Crowder - Hijacker
Keith Davis - Hijacker
Don Tai - Hijacker / Don Theerathada
Thom Williams - Hijacker
Lora Martinez Cunningham - Young Woman Hijacker
Scott Wilder - Middle-Aged Man
Jennifer Caputo - Biker
Eddie Perez - Biker
Spencer Sano - Biker
Karin Silvestri - Biker
Mike Gunther - Sniper
John Koyama - Sniper
Mike McCarty - Sniper
Scott Michael Morgan - Construction Thug Leader
Lateef Crowder - Construction Thug
Sala Baker - Construction Thug
Arron Shiver - Bartender
Justin Tade - Town Doctor
Mike Seal - Door Guard
Richard A. Smith - Orpheum Patron / Richard Smith
Paul Crawford - Town Thug
Edward A. Duran - Town Thug / Edward Duran
Spencer Sano - Town Thug
David Wald - Town Thug
Jermaine Washington - Town Thug
Kofi Elam - Convoy Thug
Clay Donahue Fontenot - Convoy Thug / Clay Fontenot
Al Goto - Convoy Thug
Brad Martin - Convoy Thug
Tim Rigby - Convoy Thug
Luis Bordonada - Carnegie Gunman #1
Robert Powell - Carnegie Gunman #2
Angelique Midthunder - Gatling Gun Gunner
Todd Schneider - Caddy Driver
Darrin Prescott - Suburban Driver
Laurence Chavez - Ice Cream Truck Driver
Brian Lucero - Alcatraz Guard
David Midthunder - Alcatraz Soldier
Malcolm McDowell - Lombardi

Code: Select all
Albert Hughes - Director (Credited as The Hughes Brothers)
Allen Hughes - Director (Credited as The Hughes Brothers)

Gary Whitta - Writer

Joel Silver - Producer
Denzel Washington - Producer
Broderick Johnson - Producer
Andrew A. Kosove - Producer
David Valdes - Producer
Steve Richards - Executive Producer
Susan Downey - Executive Producer
Erik Olsen - Executive Producer

Don Burgess - Director of Photography

Film Editing
Cindy Mollo - Film Editor

Atticus Ross - Composer
Claudia Sarne - Composer
Leopold Ross - Composer

David Brownlow - Production Sound Mixer
Steven D. Williams - Supervising Sound Editor (Universal Studios Sound)
Eric A. Norris - Supervising Sound Editor (Universal Studios Sound)
Steven D. Williams - Sound Designer (Universal Studios Sound)
Eric A. Norris - Sound Designer (Universal Studios Sound)
Chris Jenkins - Sound Re-Recording Mixer (Universal Studios Sound)
Frank Montano - Sound Re-Recording Mixer (Universal Studios Sound) (Credited as Frank A. Montano)

Gae Buckley - Production Designer (Universal Studios Sound)
Sharen Davis - Costume Designer (Universal Studios Sound)
Jon Farhat - Visual Effects (Universal Studios Sound)
Chris Burian-Mohr - Art Director (Universal Studios Sound)
Elaine Ramires - Costume Designer (Universal Studios Sound)
Tarra Day - Make-up Artist (Universal Studios Sound)
Corey Welk - Make-up Artist (Universal Studios Sound)
Carl Fullerton - Make-up Artist (Universal Studios Sound)
Greg Nicotero - Make-up Effects (Universal Studios Sound)
Howard Berger - Make-up Effects (Universal Studios Sound)
Yves De Bono - Visual Effects (Universal Studios Sound)
Deak Ferrand - Visual Effects (Hatch)
Payam Shohadai - Visual Effects (Luma)
Vincent Cirelli - Visual Effects (Luma)
Justin Johnson - Visual Effects (Luma)
Justin Other Jones - Visual Effects (Hammerhead Productions)
Michael Kennedy - Visual Effects (Hammerhead Productions) (Credited as Michael T. Kennedy)
Chris Wells - Visual Effects ([HY*DRAU"LX])
Colin Strause - Visual Effects ([HY*DRAU"LX])
Greg Strause - Visual Effects ([HY*DRAU"LX])
Edson Williams - Visual Effects (Lola/VFX)

Carlos Delgado
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Re: DVD Profiler to Xlobby Import Utility

Postby jovial_mood on Wed Aug 11, 2010 9:46 pm

You can add your own set filter commands using Xlobby Setup (F2) / Events. Note that you need to enter the DB node name in the set filter "Filter text box". In this case "actors" would probably be fine. Take a look at the existing set filter commands in Setup/Events/Skin/Movies section.

You would probably get more help if posting general Xlobby questions in the Xlobby Freeware < Support section of this forum.
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Re: dxc Importer - Coverart size change

Postby Carlos Delgado on Thu Feb 03, 2011 6:01 pm


I was wondering when your program converts DVD Prodiler Data to Xlobby is it possible to change the coverart size, some how or do you know how I can do this with Xlobby free Version or use another program.

I have it displaying the coverart but need to change the size of the coverart so I can fit more on screen, my monitor is set at a resolution of 1024x768.

Maybe that is something you can add to your program as an option.

FYI. dxc 2.2.3874.37882 is woring fine with the latest release of DVD Profiler 3.7.1


http://user.bahnhof.se/~engstrom/files/dxc/dxc_051222.rar (376k)

The subitem handling during data preservation is changed. When preserving only data for titles existing in both DP and XL or when preserving only data for titles that does not exist in DP all existing titles, both items and subitems, will now be treated as single titles.[/quote]
Carlos Delgado
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Re: DVD Profiler to Xlobby Import Utility

Postby jovial_mood on Sat Feb 05, 2011 10:22 am

I believe Xlobby will automatically resize your cover art depending on how many columns of cover art you've selected to show. The image files themselves will not be altered which is a good thing.

Assuming you're using the default Xlobby skin you can follow these directions to change the amount of covers displayed in the movie browser screen:

- Start Xlobby (using default skin Xlobby Simplicity).

- Press Pause/Break key on the keyboard (to open Xlobby Skin Editor).

- Click the "Goto" tab.

- Select "movies" in the list. Screen will change to movies browser screen.

- Click "Item" tab.

- In the list on "Item/Default" tab, select movies.

- Click "Category" tab.

- Change the value in "Columns" text box (default is 4). A higher value will show more columns of cover art.
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Re: DVD Profiler to Xlobby Import Utility

Postby Carlos Delgado on Wed Mar 23, 2011 10:13 pm


Help DXC Importer v2.2

You were able to help me importing DVD Profiler into Xlobby FreeVersion, well I am just about ready to purchase the new Version Xlobby 3 I am currently working on the Trial Version.

I was wondering if you have tryed using your app with Xlobby 3 I have tryed the latest version you sent me and did try it on Xlobby 3 and noticed that it does not inport the coverart only the rest of the information is this something you can get working.

I am in the process working with Xlobby support to help me get their DVD Profiler importer working.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks again
Carlos Delgado
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Re: DVD Profiler to Xlobby Import Utility

Postby jovial_mood on Fri Mar 25, 2011 8:50 am

The path to the cover art file is written to the database/item/coverart node like this:

Code: Select all

I don't have access to Xlobby v3 so I can't tell you if this has changed or if it handles external database changes differently from the free version of Xlobby. If you point the support to this thread they will probably be able to give some more info on this issue.
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Re: DVD Profiler to Xlobby Import Utility

Postby jovial_mood on Thu Mar 31, 2011 10:05 am

A change in Xlobby v3 since v2 seems to be that it is copying all covers to a cache directory. As DXC updates the database externally Xlobby doesn't know that it needs to update it's cache.

To automatically update the image cache in Xlobby every time you enter the Movies screen, follow these directions:

- Start Xlobby 3

- Open Movies Screen

- Press Alt + Paus/Break keys on your keyboard to open Skin Editor

- Click button "Screen Properties"

- Click "Events" tag

- Click "Enter Event/Edit" button

- Select "category" as Command group

- Add the command "refresh thumbnails" by dragging it to the empty space at the right (make sure it is added)

- Close all windows in Skin Editor

- Go back to the Main Menu i Xlobby and then back to Movies Screen

- Voila! Your cover art should now be automatically refreshed
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