usb-uirt/plugin does not work with some remote keys?AVR 525

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usb-uirt/plugin does not work with some remote keys?AVR 525

Postby nhegde on Sat Jun 24, 2006 1:59 pm

First of all I want to thank you guys for such a great piece of software. I am new to xlobby but I have been reading FAQs and searching posts to help set it up for my home theater. I got a usb-uirt to program all my remotes. But I am running into a problem which you guys might have encountered before and hopefully can help me

In programming a remote I am going through the suggested procedure of F2 -> IR Plugin -> New Device (create new device) -> go back to Device Tab -> press New, Type in new key name -> press set and press set (box turns green) and press learn -> press the key on the remote to be learned.

The above procedure works on most remotes and most keys but on specific keys when I go to the last step and press the key on the remote to be learned, the progress bar goes from 0% to say 89% or 94% and stops. I try again and again it does the same thing.

These are very specific keys - For example I have a Harmon Kardon AVR 525. The above happens with the device selection keys AVR, DVD, CD, TAPE, VID1, VID2, VID3, VID4. Interestingly enough these are keys (at least most of them if not all) that can be programmed for specific devices so I don't know if they send out some multiple codes and hence the problem. Also when I press most other remote keys the usb-uirt light will keep blinking as long as I hold that key down. In case of the above keys light blinks for a couple of seconds and stops even though the remote button is still pressed down.

Sorry for the long email but I wanted to be very specific. Does this have anything to do with Anti-Repeat(ms) box or Repeat box or Format box in the IR plugin screen. I have tried some different combinations and nothing seems to work. I would really appreciate it if you guys have a solution to this. These are very important keys in automating my home theater.

Thanks for your help
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