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xAP / Homeseer Question

Postby damiene on Mon Nov 10, 2008 11:36 pm

First of all, forgive me if this has been covered in another post somewhere. Im new to the xAP-xlobby plugin .
I know that you can call the status of a device with plugin>xap-xlobby>state>XXX.XXX but i am trying to pull the status of a timed event from homeseer. For example i have an event in Homeseer that turns my aquarium lights on at a certain time of day. I have added a script to call from xlobby with the xap-xlobby plugin to Disable and Enable this event using the triggerscript command. I want to put text on one of my xlobby screens indicating whether the event is enabled or disabled but cant figure out how to pull this info from homeseer. Im using xFX-Express Hub, xAP-Xlobby 4.6.5 and HomeSeer 1.7. Any help, as always, is greatly appreciated.
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