0,1 display - no video in primary display media player

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0,1 display - no video in primary display media player

Postby billberet on Mon Apr 13, 2009 11:20 pm

hi guys.

i went to the new version and it works ok, but i lost alot of functionality, in fact i lost almost all my functionality.
all my dvd's have the dvd menu intact so when a movie is playing, i cannot go any further because i cannot
access the dvd menu, (play, scene selection, special features) the dvd menu is on the tv only, and on my touchscreen where the movie used to play, is now just the gold background.
When a movie is playing (video_t's) and i hit STOP, the video stays on the screen and there is no way to remove it, while this is happening i have no audio until i use an avi file to play and stop. starting up the avi file gets rid of the dvd movie, and stops properly, giving me back my black background, then the audio comes back.

also, i lost my background on the secondary monitor.
is there a way i can have my desktop showing again, i have a nice image i like to display.

i will have to go back to an old version if i cannot have the movie playin on the touchscreen as well as the tv.

thanks again

i went back one version and back to hardware rendering of video to second monitor, i am running again until the changes can be made. Just a few little changes
1) keep video playing on primary monitor (where the gold background is currently)
2) bring background back to the secondary monitor, do not leave black. when on a plasma it's a shade of purple, not very attractive.
3) when stopping a movie, have it remove from the screen, currently it just sits on the screen frozen (no audio plays in XL until movie is off) until i play another movie or an avi file, when avi file stops, the screen goes back to black and i get my audio back.
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