Skin for higher resolutions - 22" LCD

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Skin for higher resolutions - 22" LCD

Postby rotogrip800 on Mon Nov 22, 2010 9:32 pm

I recently moved into a new home and just purchased a 22" touchscreen for my Juke interface.
I previously had it hooked to an ELO 15" using 800 X 600 and a very simple skin (forget the name off top of head but it only looked right in 800 X 600)

My new monitor does up to 1600 X 1050.
Are there any good skins out there for this resolution? Or even ones that are good on 1024 X 768 ? or somewhere in between?
Anything less then 1024x768 will not look very good on my nice new ELO 22" so I want to take avantage of that.

Any feedback would be great !

I use it just for movies and music. Using VLC player has my player.
This will be running on Windows 7
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