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Postby wesblack on Wed Mar 14, 2007 6:51 pm

Hello everyone, this is where Calrad will be discussing the use and designs of the Widget's programs, plug-in concept. Your idea's thoughts and suggestions should be posted here. A few Widgets will be available for everyone to play with soon.

For those who have not read the concept of Widgets or what exactly they are and how we plan to use them, see the links below.

http://www.xlobby.com/forum/viewtopic.p ... ht=widgets

Microsoft uses a similar concept called Gadgets in windows Vista
http://windowshelp.microsoft.com/Window ... b1033.mspx

Calrad Widget Section:


Wes Black \ Calrad
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Postby Colby on Fri Mar 16, 2007 12:53 am

This is a widget I would like to see. Since Xlobby is the command center of our digital home, it would be nice to be able to leave notes on the touchscreen.

Also, are widgets going to be "on top" of Xlobby, or on the windows desktop? I hope to never see a desktop on my htpc.

I would like a simple finger writing post-it. I dont need different fonts or colors, or anything. I dont need erase, if I mess up I will exit and get another. Just a simple graphic I can write in and put where I want.

"Get creative or go home!"
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Postby samgreco on Fri Mar 16, 2007 1:23 am

I second this great idea. I'd love to see it.
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Postby tomprout on Fri Mar 16, 2007 8:56 am

+1 8)


From your capture screen, which software did you use for your post-it ?
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Postby scottw on Fri Mar 16, 2007 11:48 am


Wow I would have never thought of that but it sure would be useful!!!!

Good job Colby and as you say: "Get creative or go home!" :D
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Postby cmhardwick on Fri Mar 16, 2007 2:32 pm

Great idea Colby. Is that capture from your new skin you've been teasing us with? Beautiful graphics as always!
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