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UPB-PCS Faq Resource

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xLobby Ver 3 supports UPB-PCS lighting and home automation technology.

Q. What is PulseWorx™?
A. PulseWorx™ is PCS' ultra-reliable Residential Lighting Control System that uses standard powerlines to communicate. The inventor of UPB™, Powerline Control Systems, developed PulseWorx™ as its own brand of UPB™-compatible residential lighting control system.

Q. What is the difference between UPB™ and PulseWorx™?
A. UPB™ is a 2-way communications technology that can be used in any number of commercial and residential applications. UPB™ was invented by PCS and is openly licensed to third party manufacturers. Current licensees range from commercial lighting installation to central vacuum systems. A list of current licensees can be found here. PulseWorx™, designed and manufactured by PCS, is a residential lighting control system that uses UPB™ technology.

Q. Will PulseWorx™ operate with any UPB™ compatible device?
A. UPB™-enabled products are designed to interoperate together. Therefore, PulseWorx™ can work with any compatible controller, or any other UPB™-enabled device.

Q. Why do the PulseWorx™ devices cost more than high-end X10 devices?
A. The PulseWorx™ products offer a more robust feature set and are much more reliable than the equivalent X10 switch. To deliver this functionality, every switched has its own microprocessor, onboard memory, and is produced with the highest quality components available. Although the initial device cost is slightly higher, the total cost of installation is less because of the improved reliability and ability to install a lighting control system that doesn't require a central controller. Click here for a comparison table of X10 vs. PulseWorx™ products.

Q. What Controllers are compatible with PulseWorx™?
A. Any UPB™-enabled controller will be compatible with PulseWorx™. For a current list of UPB™ / PulseWorx™ compatible controllers, please check here.

Q. Do I need to use any powerline noise filters in a PulseWorx™ installation?
A. PulseWorx™ products are designed with UPB™ technology. Because UPB™ technology is ultra-reliable, no filters will be required.

Q. Do I need to use a signal repeater in a PulseWorx™ installation?
A. PulseWorx™ products are designed with UPB™ technology. Because UPB™ technology is ultra-reliable, no repeaters will be required.

Q. Do I need to couple the phases in a PulseWorx™ installation?
A. Although it is not required to couple the phases in a PulseWorx™ installation, it is encouraged because it will decrease the signal attenuation and increases speed, resulting in a better performing lighting control system.

Q. How many devices can I have in one PulseWorx™ installation?
A. A total of 250 devices are allowed in any single PulseWorx™ installation.

Q. Are PulseWorx™ devices two-way?
A. Because PulseWorx™ uses UPB™ technology, it utilizes two-way communications, allowing devices to verify and communicate that the signal has been received and understood.

Q. Do I need a central PulseWorx™ server to store my settings?
A. Every PulseWorx™ device has its own memory, which stores the setting for you. Therefore no external, central server is required.

Q. How long is the PulseWorx™ warranty?
A. The PulseWorx™ warranty is for 5 years, which is the longest warranty in the industry. This clearly indicates PCS's level of confidence in the robustness and reliability of our products.

Q. Where are the PulseWorx™ products manufactured?
A. All PulseWorx™ products are produced in the USA. Because we are physically closer to our manufacturing, we are able to provide better quality control.

Q. Are PulseWorx™ devices compatible with other X10 systems?
A. UPB™-enabled devices are not directly compatible with X10 devices because they operate on different frequencies; however both technologies can co-exist because they utilize different frequencies over the same powerline. There are many third party controllers that are now providing a 'bridge' that will easily allow for homes to utilize both technologies.

Q. When will products be shipping?
A. They have been shipping since January of 2004. As of September 2004, PulseWorx™ is currently the only complete UPB™ compatible lighting system available.

Q. How do I program a PulseWorx™ system?
A. Because PulseWorx™ utilize a microprocessor, xLobby is required to program your system.

Q. How long have PulseWorx™ products been available?
A. PulseWorx™ products have been available since January 2004, although they have been in trial in residential homes for two years prior to their initial release.

This list will be updated on a regular basis.


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