DVD Profiler coverart import

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DVD Profiler coverart import

Postby abobader on Thu Jun 08, 2006 11:18 pm


I setup 3 dvd profiler folders each with it own database, as movies, old, avi, as:

dvd profiler movies
dvd profiler old
dvd profiler avi

So I have defrent database for each, all ok, the problem that dvd prfiler will put the coverart in the local folder, it ok to edit the database and direct the coverart to the network sharing folder as:

\\tve\dvde$\Home alone.iso
\\tve\dvde$\Home alone.jpg

But each time I update the database, I will have to that over and over.

I am trying to find a way only to import all the information without the coverart, and use the normal coverart that xlobby find in the same movie folder as:

\tve\dvde$\Home alone.jpg

My best.
any setup (I could not find any) to Xlobby that ignore the coverart folder for dvd profiler
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