New xLobby Release

Exciting xLobby release…..!, Builds 3.0.9100.96, 3.0.9104.30

1.  Display 0,1 is working in the new build.

2.  Reflections and image effects.

3.  Several bug fixes, please see mantis for all the details.

A.  Offset, changes the reflections distance from the image, text elements. Works using positive or negative numbers.

B.  Gradient Cuttoff, chages the reflections gradient settings from 0-100, show or hides more of the reflection vertically.

C.  Skew Angle X, Skews elements Left to Right, Left to Right, works using positive or negative numbers.

D.  Skew Angle Y, Skews elements Up to Down, Down to Up, works using positive or negative numbers.

E.  Rotate Angle, Rotates images, text from 0 to 360 degrees.

F.  Reflection Opacity, Sets the Reflection Opacity.

G.  Reflection Skew x Angle, Sets the horizontal position of the reflection.

Short Video:




New Music Flow Menu called Music Flow Reflections


New Reflections Menus with samples of different Reflections



Skin Editor tools for setting, Skews, Rotation and adding Reflections


Display 0,1 setup menu


Note: If elements are rotated or skewed, the object handles will not allow you to resize the image manually, this will be corrected on the next release. Size the image first before appling  a rotation, also you can set values manually under properties, general.

This News Post subject to changes and updates.

Wes Black