Jukebox Jr. V2.0 - music server in an antique radio cabinet

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Jukebox Jr. V2.0 - music server in an antique radio cabinet

Postby rembetis on Sat Sep 22, 2007 5:09 pm

Hey guys,

Some of you provided great feedback on my first project of this kind, which I gave as a gift to a friend. Well, now I'm finally ready to make another for myself.

I found a relatively inexpensive little touchscreen with great resolution (I think the seller has a few left. Check 'em out here) and then managed to find another Philco with the perfect sized speaker grill cutout.


What I'd love some help with is brainstorming ideas for what the 4 knobs will control.

Right now, I plan to have one power on the cpu. Another may or may not control volume, incorporating the DIY method with hacked scroll mouse outlined here, but I haven't decided whether to incorporate an amp into this project or simply have the jukebox feed an external receiver. I've always heard Windows method of lowing volume actually decreases the quality of the output, and I want as high fidelity as possible, so I may just control volume externally.

Anyway, what else could the knobs do? I'm looking for ideas that are both useful and feasible, given limited space and somewhat limited knowledge of DIY wiring.

Thanks in advance for any feedback offered.
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