xLobby Hardware

xLobby Mini-Client Brochure 2012 (PDF)

xLobby Bluray Brochure 95-2011BRC (PDF)
xLobby 4A 5 Zone Audio Distribution System (PDF)
xLobby Cube Brochure (PDF)

xLobby Mini-Client Brochure 2008 (PDF)
xLobby Client Brochure (PDF)

xLobby Information

xLobby Control Diagram (PDF)
xLobby Mini Client Control System (PDF)
Trio xLobby Mini-Client Bundle 2009 (PDF)
Cinque xLobby Mini-Client Bundle 2009 (PDF)
xLobby Brochure 2008 (PDF)

xLobby Diagrams

xPad Control
IR Remote Control with discrete input selection or up\down input navigation
12 Zones of xLobby Mini's with Russound and Multizone Setup
xLobby Digital Audio Decoder
xLobby SYNCH
Simple UPB Lighting Example
Insteon 2 phase setup
xLobby 12 Zone discrete IR control

xLobby xPad/iPad Control

xLobby Universal Remote Control System (Ipad, Android)
xLobby xPad External Control System
xLobby xPad Interface Diagrams
xPad Control Description
xPad Control Diagram

xLobby UPB Lighting Bundles

Purchase a single xLobby client or xLobby server and save on UPB lighting systems that are preconfigured to work right out of the box. Three different systems to choose from. For other special combinations of UPB products, please contact a Calrad sales representative for assistance.

5 Pack Bundle: xLobby UPB Lighting bundle (PDF)
10 Pack Bundle: xLobby UPB Lighting bundle (PDF)
15 Pack Bundle: xLobby UPB Lighting bundle (PDF)