A total Mystery - Webpage won't fully load...

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A total Mystery - Webpage won't fully load...

Postby Richard_P_Harvey on Tue Nov 23, 2010 6:54 pm

So here is what I recently did - I took my existing XL skin and spent about 6 hours cleaning it up and tweaking it, basically a full update. One of the things that needed to be updated was the section for "Internet Radio", which frankly is way too much work to keep updated as stations die or change ports etc. What I decided to do was to just use Pandora, so I created a new button on the main page and also built a new screen with a XL browser window showing Pandora. Works great on all my machines but one.....a Windows 7/64bit machine. What's weird is that using standard Internet Explorer this machine can hit Pandora with zero issues but from inside XL the Pandora logo loads but the rest of the page does not. I know that Pandora is rendered using Flash but if it will load fine in IE why would it not load from inside XL, and only on this one machine. I have another W7 machine where it works fine as well as 3 XP machines. I'm baffled....any thoughts.
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Re: A total Mystery - Webpage won't fully load...

Postby lar282 on Wed Nov 24, 2010 8:57 am

have u tried the option in alt-F2, somthing about external/internal browser?
Doesn't answer your question but maybe it helps. Is the other machines also 64 bit? if not then it could be 64 bit browser that casusing it

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