xLobby Voice Initial Release

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xLobby Voice Initial Release

Postby wesblack on Tue Apr 10, 2012 6:08 pm

xLobby Voice Illustration web.jpg

Simply say what you want and xLobby does it....!
xLobby Voice Works with all Android devices that support speech input xLobbys fast native android application works with phones (With or without a service plan) and tablets, works over your existing wi-fi. So if you have an older android phone that supports speech that your not using anymore or simply you can purchase a inexpensive android phone for controlling xLobby by voice. The xLobby Voice system easily controls your media and any other home automation device that it is connected to.

xLobby Voice Menu Diagram

xLobby Voice Diagram.jpg

xLobby Voice Menu Diagram showing all the available options, This diagram will be updated on a regular bassis as the design and features change.

xLobby Main Menu
Droid Bionic Native Android Screenshot Main Menu.png

The xLobby Voice xPad android interface provides direct menu driven control over xLobby screen for screen and it also enables direct voice control with button options for improved control and access to your media. From any menu in the xLobby interface, hold your finger down for 3 seconds and the Voice control screen will load up.

To initiate a voice command to xLobby, simply Press the Voice Command and Speak

voice command button.png
voice command button.png (3.01 KiB) Viewed 10979 times

xLobby Voice system overview.

xLobby Voice Command Control Technology:
Realtime 2 way interactive Voice control system, control xLobby's Music and Movie library, navigate the xLobby GUI using your voice with simple commands. Launch a movie just by saying it's title, play your favorite song just by saying it's name.

The xLobby Voice system uses Androids google speech recognition engine for reliable voice recognition in xLobby. Important!!! The android devices must have access to the internet to work, since googles voice engine is cloud based. During speech iput, xLobby will automatically mute the xLobby audio so it does not interfere with speaking commands into your android device, when your speech input is finished xLobby will un mute the xLobby audio.

xLobby's Adaptive speech technology: Example: You say for the artist "Hiroshima" but no matter how you say it xLobby returns "Heroshima", you can permanately have xLobby use the phrase "Heroshima" to play the artist "Hiroshima" or any phrase close to it, this feature provides users the ability to increase the xLobby Voice matching accuracy. Under Setup, the Speech REC tab is where users can manualy enter various speech phrases into a list style database using one or more text patterns to increase the accuracy of voice recognition.

The Latest Recognitions list box keeps track of the voice commands created as you speak from your Android device so you can view how the speech patterns are being recognized, Recognized versus Translated. Match is the altered word or phrase that is closest to the phrase you want, xLobby will use it to trigger the real word or phrase you needed. Translated speech coparisons are returned to you in the latest recognitions list box, use as many variations as you see fit to correctly match the phrase you want. You can create your own word or phrase when needed, maybe there is no artist or phrase in your music library that uses the word "Lavigne" you could create any word you want to equal Lavigne like My lavigne, so if you say "My Lavigne" it would play "Averil Lavigne".

Music Artist Examples:
Custom speech pattern entries to increase accuracy

Avera levine..............Averil Lavigne
Averell levine............ Avril Lavigne
Avera lavine............. Avril Lavigne

Speech input announcement tone: After pressing the "Voice Command" button, the android device will provide a ready tone from it's builtin speaker and popup a audio sensing ready microphone icon, letting users know that xLobby is listening for voice commands.

Voice Help: List of voice commands available for Music and Movies, Lighting, Custom control tabs.

Volume Control: The Volume button provides access to the volume control overlay with a 2 Way interactive volume slider control, mute button, current time on header. Available on all tabs, Music, Navigation, Movies, Lighting, Custom.

Screenshot volume slider.jpg
Screenshot volume slider.jpg (26.98 KiB) Viewed 10994 times

Volume Speech commands:
Speak "Volume 50 percent" Sets the master volume to 50%
Speak "Volume 20 percent" Sets the master volume to 20%
Speak "Volume Mute" Toggles the master audio Mute
Speak "Volume Up" Adjusts the volume up in 5% increments
Speak "Volume Down" Adjusts the volume down in 5% increments

xLobby Setup Speech Rec.png

xLobby's Setup Menu, Speech Rec Screenshot
Speech Log + Customizable Speech pattern matching database, use this tool to enter or delete any custom word or phrases needed to match the correct word or phrase you need.

Custom Tab

Droid Bionic Native Android Screenshot custom edit speech patterns.jpg

Easily modify speech pattern matching directly from the Android device. Also launch other Android applications like the Arcsoft TM Remote.

xLobby Skin Editor, Event Editor with new Voice Control Trigger Screenshot
Enter a word or phrase to be used to activate any event using xLobby Voice control a description field is provided to describe the event, this will show up in the custom tab under Voice Help for reference. Each time a new voice event is added with a description the description will show up in this list.

xLobby Voice control event trigger with description.png

This sample event opens the Options overlay in the Music Menu

xlobby direct tv voice control trigger.png

Control Direct TV using your Voice, Speech trigger="CBS", the description is Direct TV CH-2. So on the Custom tab of the xLobby Voice you say "CBS" the direct TV receiver will goto channel 2.

Select xLobby Webservers

Droid Bionic Native Android Screenshot xlobby server select.jpg

Controlling Multiple xLobby Hardware devices using the xLobby Voice control app on the network is possible once it's properly setup in the settings menu of xLobbys Android app. Located on every tab In the lower left bottom portion of the screen is a computer icon with the name of the xlobby device your controlling, pressing the computer icon will open the Select Server Overlay display to view all the xLobby hardware devices available for control.

Music Tab

Droid Bionic Native Android Screenshot music tab new.jpg

Music Tab (Voice Command) Examples:
Speak "Pink Floyd"....This will find all albums from pink floyd,then shuffle them and start playing until finished
Speak "Jazz"....All music tagged Genre "Jazz" will be shuffled and will begin playing until finished
Speak "1981" All music tagged Year "1981" will be shuffled and will begin playing until finished
Speak "Let It Be" Plays the Beatles Let It Be song
Speak Playlist" followed by the Playlist name, Example: "Pary" and xLobby will load and play it
Speak "Volume 50%" This will adjust xLobbys master volume to 50%
The music menu provides quick access to the players transport controls and Now Playing cover artwork with 2-way track time and position slider.

Droid Bionic Native Android Screenshot xlobby Music cover popup.jpg

Tap the Now Playing album artwork and options for Album Play and Album Play & Shuffle pops up

Music Voice Help (Available Voice Commands For Music)

Droid Bionic Native Android Screenshot Music Help 1.png

Voice Help first half of list

Droid Bionic Native Android Screenshot Music Help 2.png

Voice Help second half of list

[The extension wmv has been deactivated and can no longer be displayed.]

(Video) Music, xLobby Voice Command, Artist select

[The extension wmv has been deactivated and can no longer be displayed.]

(Video) Music, xLobby Voice Command, Music Genre select

Navigation Tab

Droid Bionic Native Android Screenshot Navigation 1.png

The navigation tab provides quick access to navigating the xLobby GUI just like a standard IR remote control without the need to have line of sight to a IR receiver. Also direct shortcuts are provided to access all of xlobby's main menu items, Music, Movies, Photo's, Help, Now Playing, Controls, Slideshow.

Movies Tab

Droid Bionic Native Android Screenshot Movies 1.png

(Video) Movie, xLobby Voice Command, Movie select

Movies Voice Help (Available Voice Commands For Music)

Droid Bionic Native Android Screenshot movie help.jpg

Movies Tab (Voice Command) Examples:
Speak "2012"....This will find the movie 2012 and play the movie
Speak "Pause"....This pause the playback of the current movie

Lighting Tab

Droid Bionic Native Android Screenshot Lighting 2.jpg

Provides access to xLobby's lighting control interface system, Lutron, Insteon, UPB, etc.

Custom Tab

Droid Bionic Native Android Screenshot Custom.jpg

Multizone Audio Control
The current version of xLobby voice has the ability to manage multiple audio zones with individual volume and mute controls . Using xLobby Voice speech technology, users can also use the Android device as an audio zone player which can play any file from the xLobby music library and stream it wirelessly for private listening.

Future developments:
The most novel new voice-command feature for the Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich is the "open microphone experience," which lets you activate voice input just by talking to your phone--instead of pushing a the speak now button.

voice command button.png
voice command button.png (3.01 KiB) Viewed 10979 times

Some creative uses for speech:
Obviously you need the proper hardware installed to control external devices from xLobby.

Open garage doors, Speak "Open Garage One" opens garage door number 1
Turn on a water feature, Speak "Waterfall On" Turns on the waterfall
Turn on the Jacuzzi, Speak "Jucuzzi On" Starts up the Jucuzzi
Turn on the Security system, Speak "Security System On" Arms the security system

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