My xlobby setups

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My xlobby setups

Postby foolio on Thu Sep 14, 2006 4:35 pm

Every since I found out about XLOBBY, I've been putting it everywhere:

Main theater:
Samsung 50" 1080P DLP runs xlobby
15" planar touchscreen using Colby's blue screen controls:
-Zoomplayer for Movies
-Two zones of downstair music
-Karaoke touch screen system with lyrics displayed on main display
(Unify karaoke player)
-Touchscreen videopoker and slots (any other good games for touch?)
-thin client to bedroom configuration for alarm.

Bedroom theater:
Optoma HD27 projector with 96" screen
Fujitsu 3400 running thin client for control using Bing's TS screen
-ZP for movies
-Two zones of music for bedroom and master bathroom
-Hooked up to alarm panel via ELK plugin (thanks Loch) for controlling all lights, automation, and security function.

Panasonic 42" EDTV plasma
Fujitsu 3400 running a thin client using Bing's skin
Single zone music in gameroom
SageTV for shows, football, etc.

Will post some pics later. Thanks to Xlobby and all the skinners and plugin writer. what an awesome free program. I am spending way to much time setting everything up and not enough time enjoying the system!
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Postby kasje on Mon Sep 18, 2006 6:47 pm


nice setup,

i'm too using a 17 inche lcd touchscreen and's hard to find nice touchscreen games.

This is one of my latest finds..ideal with your xlobby music collection.

give me a sign if you like it :wink:

"Touchscreen videopoker and slots" more info please.

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