convert xlobby movie database to csv, or AMC?

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convert xlobby movie database to csv, or AMC?

Postby gravy on Wed May 16, 2012 7:29 pm


Recently, my Ant Movie Catalog got corrupted and deleted. It had over 600 entries and I'm not looking forward to building it up again. I use the xant Xlobby plugin to convert the AMC database (movies.amc) to an Xlobby movies.xml file.

Is there any way I can reverse this process, to create an .amc file from the xlobby movies.xml database? Or perhaps an easy way to convert the xlobby movies.xml file to a csv file for import into Ant Movie Catalog? Ant Movie catalog doesn't seem to have the ability to read XML files (other than those produced from Ant Movie Catalog, or even DVD Profiler.)

I tried using excel to open the xlobby movies.xml file and save as CSV, but i wasn't very successful - it seemed to create numerous rows for each movie.
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Re: convert xlobby movie database to csv, or AMC?

Postby S Pittaway on Fri May 18, 2012 7:43 am

I am busy at the moment so i cant really support it... but you can do it usinmg a plugin a wrote a while ago:, the command is "database save tag file"

Maybe see if anyone has an easy built in way first, then give it a try? :)
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