Antivirus and Automatic Updates

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Re: Antivirus and Automatic Updates

Postby Jay on Thu Mar 26, 2009 10:36 pm

scottw wrote:
Jay wrote:Good.
I should add that I backup my SD DVDs to the WD, as well.
I have no interest in ripping HD/Blu-Rays.

I agree SD DVD quality is just fine for me as well.

Well, I do use physical players for Hi-Def. I just meant that I have no interest (at least now) in maintaining a disk farm for all of that storage.
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Re: Antivirus and Automatic Updates

Postby dalanik on Tue Mar 31, 2009 11:33 am

scottw wrote:But if it's still connected to the internet shouldn't it still be kept updated?

Or is this the discussion you didn't want to get into :lol:

It is connected to the internet, of course :-) It has firewall on. Also, it's behind the router with firewall. I really don't understand how would I get virus if I don't open pages (2-3 times a year, at most) and don't receive mails on it. Firewalls should block all intrusions? Only if one of my OTHER PCs on the LAN gets infected could I imagine virus danger to my HTPC, but they all have AV.

Any other opinions, I might be missing something obvious? :-)
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