DIY Projector 2.0

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Re: DIY Projector 2.0

Postby rembetis on Thu Jun 07, 2007 12:46 pm

I don't mind what people do with their own private parts, as long as they leave my children and my wife alone :lol:

I can't throw anything away, from screws to computer parts to old t-shirts. And for better or worse, I always find a use for things later. That computer case was from my first pc purchase as an adult. So many great projects for old computers these days, from mame cabinets to NAS boxes to the Bar Monkey. If I was 10 years younger...
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Re: DIY Projector 2.0

Postby albaron on Wed Jun 03, 2009 7:39 am

hi sir,

it's very good work

i like the design, i`m starting to collect the parts

i have 4 question 4 u sir:
1- what is the model # for lamp ge 150 watt Image

2-how many lenses using in that projector Lenses: 165mm FL precondenser lens (surplushed), Rear fresnel 200mm FL (, front fresnel 385 FL, projection triplet 342 FL (latter two harvested from 3M 9750 overhead projector)

3- how did you assembled the light engine Image

thanx a lot sir for that attractive projector

4 - what is the box weight & size my cm or inch
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Re: DIY Projector 2.0

Postby rembetis on Mon Jun 08, 2009 12:02 pm

Thanks for the kind words, albaron. You can find a lot more details (and tons of help and advice) over on Lumenlab. Here is the link for the PLOG (projector log) for that particular project: ... ntry212955

1. The lamp depicted in the picture is a 150W Sylvania Metalarc bulb (HSI-T 150W/NDL). I later went with a GE Constant Color 150w ceramic (CMH150/T/UV/U/942/G12).

2. Sounds like you may have answered your own question, but yes I technically used 4 lenses total. The fresnels and the triplet (projection lens) are required. The precondenser helped me harness more light and shorten the distance from lamp to rear fresnel.

3. See the plog linked above for more assembly pictures.

4. The box is kinda heavy, to be honest. About 40 lbs. But your could certainly choose a lighter material than white pine.

FWIW, I got out of the DIY projector game a while back. I sold all the parts in my (then) current project and only needed to kick in about $100 more to get a 720p commercial projector that destroys anything I could come up with.
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