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Digital Movie Poster

Postby wesblack on Mon Feb 14, 2011 6:33 pm

I had this idea more than 7 years ago and never really did anything with it to try and market or sell the idea or complete the concept. I made a few prototypes using low peofile 16 x 9 lcd flat panel displays with a matted frame, framed in wood with a self contained digital image only media player mounted inside which I loaded up with high quality digital imagery of movie poster artwork, then I mounted the displays on the wall and it continually displayed all the images that I loaded into it. Fast forward to 2011 now digital signage is everywhere and some companies are starting to use flat screen displays at movie theaters, personal home theaters for replacing old paper poster marques with flat panel type displays. More and more home theater installs are now shown in magazines like residential systems and CE pro with digital poster displays on the wall that include these type of new design concepts. With the costs of flat screen displays at historical lows, it is now possible to create your own movie poster display system using an old PC or inexpensive memory stick based media players that available all over the internet. You can even purchase larger style 15" and up digital picture frames and use them as well. You can even backlight the frame with L.E.D. lighting. Below are several links to high quality movie poster imagery.

A few images of what others have done.


Mockup image:
digital movie poster.jpg

As soon as I find some images of what I created I will post them here.
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