Long time user thinking about options.....

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Re: Long time user thinking about options.....

Postby Richard_P_Harvey on Mon Oct 04, 2010 1:02 pm

wesblack wrote:There are many nice skins from Andy Grooby and others, I need to have Steven update the skin area again. If you dont like whats available then create your own skin or port the graphics over from something you like. xLobby V3 is very powerful now in terms of automation control, if only looks of a menu and basic media interfaces are important then yes there are other options to consider.

Wes Black \ Calrad

You're totally right Wes, if I were in need of all the advanced capabilities I would be looking at V3 as a potential option. But as you guessed my needs are nothing more than a simple media front end to over 1000 movie rips and 2000 CD rips. Throw in the weather and maybe internet radio and I'm good to go. Since XLobby has been sold to Calrad and move to a commercial product it's clear that the focus has been on enhanced functionality to help market acceptance in the integrator/installer market, and it sounds like it has been rather successful there. Products like XBMC, although also very functional products have remained focused on the the core media center functionality that is key for me.
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Re: Long time user thinking about options.....

Postby casinocas on Tue Oct 05, 2010 7:50 pm


To me where xlobby is way behind compared to something like xbmc or mediabrowser, is the cumbersome way it pulls movie metadata, and cant pull tv episode data, as well as not being able to get trailers, even for the paid version.
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