Charting Capability for XL?

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Charting Capability for XL?

Postby smarty on Sun May 09, 2010 4:51 pm

I am looking into ways to chart various things that I have looged into a .txt/.csv file (temperatures, electric useage, whatever).

I have found a free charting software package that seems very complete and it SHOULD work with Xlobby (maybe?), problem is, I am not a VB code person.

The software is called RMChart. Here is a working link:l (note: RMChart hompeage appears to be dead, use the mirror site).

The helpfile that comes with RMChart talks about how the charts could be generated...there seems like a lot of possible is just over my software ability.

Please take a look and see what your think. The "designer utility" is shown below....
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