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xLobby Family Menu Ver 3.0

A multi-user concept for xLobby Ver 3.0. This menu is a sample of multiple users each with there own skin, design elements and system options. Individual menus can be password protected, each user can show file types and how much content they have even storage capacities remaining based on content per user. Some other Idea’s we want to implement are easy file transfers between mobile devices such as phones, Ipods, portable media players. xLobby could also show when they are docked or accessable by each user or online for all users linking or sharing content. Many cool elements of music, movies, content between users can be configured. More details will be available in the future as we move into ver 3.0.

Just some quick news on Ver 3.0. We are making good progress, at the moment we are adding some more controlability over the movie media player, such as 1. the ability to resize the playback video by 4:3, 16:9, anamorphic as well as the other industry standard formats + scale to your liking mode. 2. Closed Captions and Subtitles, 2. Audio channel selection, bookmark feature to be included in final release.

Some other brief items to mention, work in progress:

1. IP Radio (Working and Stable) Minor issue ability to show and hide station artwork when file is playing versus music file.

2. ASX File playback (Working stable but needs some minor bug fixes) Early beta testing is running 6 feeds with reasonable cpu usage.

3. Multiple Display setups, VGA display 0, Component Video or VGA Display 1 (Improving the display 0,1 virtual desktop integration, work in progress)

4. The complete re-write of the skin editor has required more time than we expected but is impressive and more intuitive.

5. Improvements to the USB UIRT plugin with some new features (Scheduled for after the final release of Ver 3.0)

6. DVD Movie management improvements for internal \ external hard drives.

Hopefully we will have some Ver 3.0 screenshots to post soon. More news to follow stay tunned.


xLobby Traffic Camera’s

We are still working on the Ver 3.0 release, I just wanted to show everyone a preview of a new interface that will be included in Ver 3.0. You will now have the ability to stream video .asx files directly into the xLobby interface as well as traffic camera feeds using multiple players. Each player will have stop, pause, play, mute, individual volume settings. Independent video resizing + window to fullscreen settings as well as buffer reference variables for each player.