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Latest xLobby Releases V2, V3

Paid version xLobby customer updates are available under your myxLobby section, a new xLobby V2 release and a xLobby V3 alpha release.

Some new features and fixes.

Final V2 Release rev Q (+wma tag bug) (+streaming ip radio fix, manage dvds delete/rename, vista volume mute fix, Auto Copy DVD option that gets movie titles from the IFO file and or the DVD root directory title and automatically goes directly to the ripping process with auto coverartwork population available soon for total hands free dvd ripping, other small fixes. 

V3, Alt + F2Setup menu is in trasition to Alt + F5 so items are split, eventually the shortcut for Setup will be Alt + F2 again.

During this week this news post will be constantly updated, so check back for further details.



xLobby Movie Spider menu with new previous and next page buttons


xLobby new rename, delete movie title spider menu


xLobby Movie title rename menu


xLobby Setup Menu with Auto Copy DVD option


Wes Black

xLobby PVR Preview

xLobbys new high-definition Personal Video Recorder for recording Component Video or HDMI signals (non-HDCP) directly to your SD card or to a 80G Hard Drive to allow direct HDMI (HDCP) recording to the internal hard drive. This unit will play back to any screen (HDCP) or you can transfer all your Standard Definition recordings to your PC via a PC SD card reader, to store, edit or create another video disc. Remote control operated. Supports 480I, 480P, 720P, 1080I video formats.

Additional fetures we are working on, 1. External IR Jack, IP network connection for sharing content, IP, RS232 control, Digital Audio.

Shipping in September  2008

A few Recording Bitrates:

Mode High Definition, 80Gb hard drive 

Extra Fine, HD 10Mbps 18.2hrs.

Normal, HD 7.5Mbps 24.3hrs.

Economic, HD 5Mbps 36.4hrs.

Super Economic, HD 3.5Mbps 42 hrs.

Mode Standard Definition, 80Gb hard drive

Extra Fine, SD 4Mbps 45.5hrs.

Normal, SD 3Mbps 60.7hrs.

Economic, SD 2Mbps 91.0hrs.

Super Economic, SD 1.5Mbps 121.4hrs.

Specifications Input ports: Component with Audio R/L x 1 S-Video with Audio R/L x 1 Video with Audio R/L x 1 HDMI x 2 Output ports: Component x 1 S-Video x 1 Video x 1 HDMI x 1 R/L x 1 Power Supply: High Definition Video Recorder: 5V/3.2A, High Definition Video Recorder with 80G HDD: 5V/5A DC (US/EU standards, CE/FCC/UL certified) Remote Control: Discrete IR remote Dimensions (mm): 176 (W) x 175 (D) x 45 (H) Weight(g): High Definition Video Recorder: 1306 g; High Definition Video Recorder with 80G HDD.

xlobby-pvr.jpgxlobby-hd-dvr-1.JPG xlobby-hd-dvr.JPG

More details available soon.

Wes Black


Calrad will have live demonstrations of xLobby Version 3 systems and several pieces of hardware from our many partners at Cedia, both at our booth No. 331 and at our training, product demo events. Below is the schedule for xLobby Ver 3 Product Demonstrations. We will have several door prizes and special discounts on xLobby systems for each day for those individuals that attend.

Mike Karten, Steven Hanna and Wes Black as well as other Calrad staff will be available to answer any questions about xLobby and Calrad products.

For further details visit the link below:

or contact:

Mike Karten at 

Alma Munoz .

xLobby 90 Minute Product Demonstrations
Cedia Time & Dates  

Thursday, September 4th, 12:00-1:30
Room Assignment: Hyatt- Agate A
Catalog number 17724
Saturday, September 6th, 10:00-11:30
Room Assignment: Hyatt- Agate A
Catalog number 17718

Wes Black