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Comimg soon to the xLobby platform, integration of the bitwise product line with 2 way communication of the BC4X1 Pro Automation Controller.


Bitwise logo

With products designed and backed by over 20 years of mission-critical control, monitoring, and AV systems integration experience, Bitwise Controls is uniquely equipped to provide powerful and flexible products for the expanding commercial, industrial, educational, and residential control-systems markets. Bitwise Controls LLC was founded by veteran industry leadership in 2008 with the goal of offering innovative and reliable new products, designed, tested and manufactured in the USA.

Designing from Experience

Bitwise Controls is led by individuals with backgrounds in Industrial Control and Monitoring equipment manufacturing , as well as Commercial and Residential Audio/Video/Automation systems design and installation. Throughout our experiences in these various industries, it became clear that there were certain problems that could have been solved more quickly and easily, but for the limitations of the hardware and software that was available to us. Now, we’re putting those experiences to work in designing our innovative new products.


bitwise top shop

 BC4X1 Pro Automation Controller

bitwise front view

 Front view with DC power jack, status L.E.D. and RJ45 network connector.

bitwise rear view

Rear view with 4 Discrete IR Ports, IR Learning receiver, 2 dry relay contacts. 1 x RS232 port, 2 x Analog-Digital I/O ports.

For more information visit the bitwise website

Bitwise website:


This news post is subject to change 

Wes Black

The current bleeding edge release has a few new items.

1. Kill services on exit, checkbox added under “services”. This feature when enabled will uload all running services when xLobby is restarted or closed and restart them again when xLobby is relaunched. This new feature is useful for users in correcting any communication issues between xLobby and all xLobby services in the event a service becomes unstable or unresponsive. This new intuitive feature provides a simple way for users to resolve a service related issue for xLobby controlled hardware and minimizes service calls to customers until the real bug\software-hardware problem is tracked down, fixed or resolved.

2. Command “xlobby->services kill” added, clients will pass command to server. Create an event within a xLobby server or client to perform a Services restart.

3. The xLobby splash screen has a new startup progress text on a single line.

4. “O” button added next to the event path in the event editor to show the location of  the event and group location.

5. Show entire path in event editor, will show “skin” if a skin event.

6. New Variable connection Lan Speed: LAN Speed: %xlobby>connectionLANSpeed%

7. New Variable connection Internet: Internet: %xlobby>connectionInternet%

xLobby Kill Services Option

 xLobby Screenshot, Kill Services Check Box in Setup

xLobby Event Path Screenshot

xLobby Screenshot, Event Editor showing entire path for an event, selecting the [O] button will show the event location in the Event Manager, Event Groups list box and the Events list box.

xLobby Lan Variables Screenshot

xLobby Screenshot showing Internet Connected and Lan Speed information

xLobby Lan Variables Screenshot 2

xLobby Screenshot showing the skin editor, variables menu with Variable connection Lan Speed, Variable connection Internet in the varaible list box. Simply drag any variable show on to a xLobby menu and it will populate a text box with the value.

Wes Black