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New xLobby V3 Build 3.0.9087.29

The bug fixes and details on future releases of xLobby V3 will now appear in the mantis change log. I will still mention relevant bug fixes and new features and items that need specific details explained.

 A few new features have been added to the Event Editor.

1. Command Count to indicate how many commands are in a single event.

2. Copy, Copy All button so that individual or group commands in the event editor can be copied and reused in another event.

3. Delete All button to delete a long event without having to delete them individually.

4. Paste button for the Copy All feature.

5. Clear Buffer, clears the Copy All items.

6. Under the Toolbox Menu is a new function to Lock and Unlock all the graffic elements in a menu so they can not be moved while adding events to elements in the skin.

7. The Background Set command is used to set any menu background based on a local image file or webbased image file location for example:

Also live video streams, example: see Event Editor Screen Shot 3. Upcoming additional features will include Repeat, Random commands, ability to load images from the picture library.

8. Background Play and Stop commands for video backgrounds.


Mantis Change Log:

Event Editor Screen Shot 1:

Event Editor Screen Shot 2:

Event Editor Screen Shot 3:

This News Post is Subject to changes.

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xLobby Slider Controls

The next release of xLobby will include a sample menu that demonstrates the new Slider controls that are used with the new xLobby xController-Uconnect RS232 service to provide real 2 way interaction and numeric feedback between Stereo Receivers for volume controls, Lighting Dimmers, Sleep timer, Visual Security exit timer or any other control element that uses slider control elements. Other uses include visual timer events, opening and closing graphic elements based on x,y positions or to create some cool visual button or graffic element effects that can change size or location. Settings include 1.  Set Min to Max values, 2. Tick Frequency, 3. Number Format. The new service is located in the root directory of xLobby under the folder called Services.



Screenshot Videos:




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92-161 IR Distribution System

Calrads new 92-161 In-wall IR distribution system is perfect for expanding IR control to multiple devices. Everything you need for a basic IR distribution system. The 92-161 is ideal for home theaters or media rooms where all equipment is hidden away in a rack or cabinet but requires control from an IR remote in the room. Includes (1) In wall designer style receiver with IR signal and status L.E.D. indicator, (1) IR Emitter, (1) Amplified IR Distribution Block, (1) PS2 12VDC/200mA Power Supply. Works with all xLobby Servers, Clients and xLobby Mini Clients.

Also see Calrad 92-160 IR Distribution System:


92-161 jpg image

PDF Brochure, link:


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Marbles has officially released Zoneskin5.

Marbles release quote:

Please copy the appropriate files to their respected directories, and please read the included manual to aid in getting the skin running. As well, I’ve included my KX DSP setups, and Girder .gml file.

If you have any other questions, please ask here, or send me an email.


Marbles Website:

Link to the skin:

Nice job, thanks for your ongoing support !


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xLobby Architecture Diagram

We receive many requests for xLobbys structure and how to do multiple machines and how do we control devices connected to xLobby. So I created this simple xLobby Architecture diagram that shows the basic concepts for xLobby to communicate with xLobby systems and the type of products that can be controlled using xLobbys powerful new backend with all the new services. The diagram was getting quite large as I built it out, I wanted to add more but thought the complexity was already difficult to follow. So future diagrams will show more of the hardware relationship work flow versus a mixed diagram of hardware and block elements as shown. I am creating more diagrams as time permits so users can visualize how xLobby can do some very interesting tasks and to further outline some of the more basic features and concepts of the interface.

Jpeg image: 2.4Mb


PDF file: 3.6Mb




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xLobby WMP Internet Radio

The next release of V3 will include a new sample menu of playing back IP radio using the windows media player (WMP) engine. This provides users with additional options for playing online content using (WMP) so that any extension (WMP) can play xLobby will be able to play as well. This feature will only play back using the default audio zone and will not work for xlobby multizone at present. This new player will also allow us to exploit the visualization feature as well as other items of (WMP) which will be announced soon.  Also the content will stop playing if you leave the menu. This will not replace the existing IP radio menus but will add more flexability to xLobby for streaming online content. More robust control over the player will be available soon.

This ia now available in build:  3.0.9078.56

The screen is called: IP radio WMP.xml


Windows Media Radio Tuner Link to IP Radio Stations:


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xLobby realtime interface for GE security systems. Accessable to any xLobby system connected to the service from the network. Works like any GE stand alone keypad. Status icons can be programed to be solid, flashing indicators or even a animated fade in \ out effect. Create a simple user interface or exploit all features to show any detailed information you want. All security events can be used alone or in combination with any xLobby system wide events. The current xLobby release has all the new services included for Lighting, Russound and the powerfull new xLobby U-Connect RS232 service. More specific details on features and how to use the services will be posted soon.


xLobby GE Security Advanced Menu

xLobby GE Security Services Menu comunicationg with NX-587E serial interface

User Interface GUI


NX-587E Serial Interface Module used to communicate with GE security panels and standard 9 pin RS232 ports.

NX-8, 8 Zone Security System, expandable to 192 zones


This news post is subject to changes and updates. 

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Andy is working on a new xLobby skin, see the link below.

Nice work…..!




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This new release contains several bug fixes and several enhacements which I will update over the next few days when I get a completed list together. The ability to control xLobby via RS232 2 way has now been added to the triggers section and users can now add there own RS232 triggers. If you test this between two xLobby machines from one serial port to another, use a Null modem serial interface cable. This new exposure will allow 3rd party companies like (Crestron, AMX, Control 4, RTI, etc.) to control xLobby using the RS232 protocol and get 2 way feedback.



1. Enable disable triggers in the skin editor

2. Enable, Disable RS232 communications port under Alt +F2 \ Local Tab

3. Enable\Disable IR devices in the skin editor under IR Devices\Device manager tab

4.  Add local events to the trigger manager

5. Under the skin editor under Screen Properties \ Background tab, added (Refresh) button

Bug Fixes:


RS232 Control of xLobby


Select the correct Com Port and Enable RS232 communications port under Alt +F2 \ Local Tab

Screenshot Control xLobby by external RS232

xLobby Communication Settings:

Bits per second: 19200
Databits: 8
Parity: None
Stop Bits: 1
Flow control: None

If testing with hyperterminal, ensure the folllowing settings are enabled.
“send line ends with line feeds”
“append line feeds to incoming lines ends”
“echo typed characters locally”

All commands will echo back with a “received:” string, with will
include the command that was sent with its parameters.

Protocol Commands


The trigger rs232 command can be used to trip an rs232 trigger in
xlobby. You will pass the text you used for your rs232 trigger after
the “trigger:rs232:” command.

For example, in xlobby there are a series of basic triggers one such
trigger is “xlobby:goto menu” to trip this trigger we will have to
pass this text with the “trigger:rs232:” command as follows.

trigger:rs232:xlobby:goto menu

Also note a carriage return must be sent with the command.


The parse command allows you to pass a string which will then be
parsed by xlobby and returned with a “results:” string.

For example if you wanted to get the artist that is now playing you
can use the following string.


which would return the following if we had U2 playing.


any variable or text that is usually parsed within xlobby can be
parsed this way. If you send a string with non-variable text like the

parse:Album Name: %audioplayer>now>album%

it would return the following, notice how “Album Name:” has not been
touched since there is nothing to parse from it.

parseresults:Album Name: Joshua Tree

Current Triggers
trigger:rs232:xlobby:goto controls
trigger:rs232:xlobby:goto exit
trigger:rs232:xlobby:goto help
trigger:rs232:xlobby:goto menu
trigger:rs232:xlobby:goto movies
trigger:rs232:xlobby:goto music ambience
trigger:rs232:xlobby:goto music flow
trigger:rs232:xlobby:goto music generic
trigger:rs232:xlobby:goto music playlist
trigger:rs232:xlobby:goto music prism
trigger:rs232:xlobby:goto music
trigger:rs232:xlobby:goto now playing
trigger:rs232:xlobby:goto pictures
trigger:rs232:xlobby:goto radio
trigger:rs232:xlobby:goto videos
trigger:rs232:xlobby:goto weather

trigger:rs232:xlobby:media player fast forward
trigger:rs232:xlobby:media player next chapter
trigger:rs232:xlobby:media player pause
trigger:rs232:xlobby:media player previous chapter
trigger:rs232:xlobby:media player rewind
trigger:rs232:xlobby:media player stop
trigger:rs232:xlobby:media player play

trigger:rs232:xlobby:music player fast forward
trigger:rs232:xlobby:music player next
trigger:rs232:xlobby:music player pause
trigger:rs232:xlobby:music player play
trigger:rs232:xlobby:music player previous
trigger:rs232:xlobby:music player rewind
trigger:rs232:xlobby:music player shuffle
trigger:rs232:xlobby:music player stop

trigger:rs232:xlobby:navigation back
trigger:rs232:xlobby:navigation backspace
trigger:rs232:xlobby:navigation down
trigger:rs232:xlobby:navigation enter
trigger:rs232:xlobby:navigation left
trigger:rs232:xlobby:navigation page down
trigger:rs232:xlobby:navigation page up
trigger:rs232:xlobby:navigation right
trigger:rs232:xlobby:navigation up

trigger:rs232:xlobby:volume master down
trigger:rs232:xlobby:volume master mute
trigger:rs232:xlobby:volume master up

Under the skin editor you can build and add your own RS232 triggers providing access to control any event in xLobby.


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92-160 IR Distribution System

Calrads new IR distribution system is perfect for expanding IR control to multiple devices. Everything you need for a basic IR distribution system. The 92-160 is ideal for home theaters or media rooms where all equipment is hidden away in a rack or cabinet but requires control from an IR remote in the room. Includes (1) Miniature IR Receiver, (1) IR Emitter, (1) Amplified IR Distribution Block, (1) PS2 12VDC/200mA Power Supply. Works with all xLobby Servers, Clients and xLobby Mini Clients.

Also see Calrad 92-161 IR Distribution System:

92-160 jpg image

PDF Brochure, link:


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