Next V3 Release

Update on the next xLobby V3 release:


-mediatypes.xml, music.xml templates are not overwritten on partial/full install
-“clear playlist all zones” add to clear the playlist on all audio zones
-“up down move” category bug fixed
-when you select a new unselected item, sometimes image doesnt switch
to selected
-thumbnail creation area on splash screen moved over to the right with thumbnail total displayed
-create thumbs button added for thumbnail cache setting
-selecting a display setting for a category
(unselected,seletected..etc) is now visible
-installer exe keyboard tab order fixed, Full Install, Partial Install, Etc.
-fix bug for element properties, URL


-search screens textbox added to skin editor
-right click context menu “properties” shortcut added
-right click context menu “event editor” shortcut added
-timer “countdown clock” added, a new command to create a countdown
that runs independent of the thread
-trigger “enable” “disable” “enable disable toggle” functions added
-“xlobby””simulate keyboard activity” command added
-timer wait format added hh:mm:ss
-inactivity format added hh:mm:ss
-client now receives server import status when refreshing from a client
-slider “scrollbar” made more responsive
-(Skin Editor) refresh button for screen properties menu, refresh
-ability to add a local event to individual buttons without creating a group and event, for example add a new button, right mouse click and select edit event this will allow you to create a local event.
-text color resources has a new tab called colors by name to directly select a color.
-fix web based spiders, add google image search spider based on image type and size.
-under setup, options tab delete and recreate thumbnails button.
-auto discovery of any services running on a network thats available to any xLobby system
-new shoutcast ip radio interface that has 24 genres with 24 presets per genre.

Video of new Timer countdown command:



xLobby can now show status of timer events.`There will be several varations of the variable (%timer>clock>countdown%) with additional features.


Wes Black