1. Mantis (0000878) “Latest” view added to music area, requires delete and reimport. Shows the latest content added to the music library.

2. Mantis (0000877) Groups now have a border around them to show their position.

3. Mantis (0000876) Resize event editor by dragging bottom right corner.

4. Mantis (0000874) Category text scrolls if text description is to large.

Video Demo Link: http://www.youtube.com/xlobbytv#p/a/u/0/NgIPIc0C-Bk

5. Mantis (0000762) CategoryDisplay/Image/”Remove” button does not work + other problem with category image

6. Mantis (0000875) Screen saver minute timer added to “display” in setup.

xLobby Screensaver Option

Screeshot: xLobby Setup menu, Display tab with Screensaver option. This feature will cause the xLobby screen to go black after a specified time of no activity. When activity is present the screensaver will stop and the xLobby menu will appear again.


Wes Black