The Calrad 72-USB-IO4 module provides a simple method for interfacing with different devices for input and output connectivity for control with xLobby. The module connects to a standard USB type ‘A’ port. Use as many modules as needed. Remember any system wide resources available to xLobby can access this module to create all types of usable control scenarios. Relay Contact Ratings 1A, input voltage 0-30Vdc (Optically Coupled), Includes USB A to mini-B cable. Use Calrad USB extender solutions to extend the 72-USB-IO4 up to 150 ft. . 

72-125K-S-2, 50 ft. Passive USB extender:

40-UE04H, 150 ft. Active Extender:

72-USB-IO4 module

Front View

72-USB-IO4 Rear View

Rear View


xLobby Project 72-USB-IO4 Screenshot

xLobby Project Screenshot


List of applications


Module Inputs:

1. Use a motion detector to trigger a lighting scene

2. Use a motion detector to trigger a music playlist

3. Use magnetic contacts to monitor doors and window status

4. Use fixed outdoor IR beam system to monitor property intrusion

5. Electronic Device power on detection

6. Water intrusion, flooding detection

7. Push button inputs to control any function inside xLobby or it’s services


Module Relay Outputs:

1. Open and close a garage door

2. Activate a electric door or gate

3. Control a motorized TV lift

4. Control the lighting ignition on a fireplace

5. Control pool-spa pumps, heater, lights, waterfalls

6. Control L.E.D. lighting

7. Control Irrigation

8. Control landscape lighting

9. Control Amplifier power on\off input triggers

10. Speaker Selector

11. Automate your blinds & curtains

12. Turn on\off relay driven power strips

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72-USB-IO4 Brochure


PDF File Link: 72-USB-IO4 Brochure

72-USB-IO4 Garage Door Example

Garage Door Example

PDF File Link: 72-USB-IO4 Garage Door Example

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