Steven & Calrad are working day and night to get version 3 of xLobby ready for some early beta testing. The new interface will provide some very interesting visual effects and eye candy as well as many new features and controlability for interfacing to existing A\V products and home automation devices. Version 3 is much faster when navigating the interface and Movie, Music libraries. Some new skinning and control elements will be added to the new interface. Below is a screenshot of DVD coverart and a DVD case combined to look like one element, this example was created using version 2 of xLobby and version 3 will provide much more advance features like reflections and mirroring of images as well as various movements of these images and any graphic element of the interface. Time permitting I will be posting short video clips and or screen shots illustrating some new features of xLobby version 3. Obviously stability and low usage of system resources are our priorities for version 3.