We have integrated both Insteon and UPB lighting products into xLobby version 3.0 , some early testing of the insteon API proved dissapointing and cost us some time using it. Reliable Communication issues and interface road blocks were not exceptable, so Steven is now communicating directly to the Power-Linc controller module which provides for a much faster 2 way interface in xLobby and a more stable communication between them thus cutting out the Insteon API. Both product lines offer reliable and affordable lighting and home automation products. More details on sales of these items on the xLobby website as well as integrating and setting up the devices with xLobby version 3.0 will be posted here in the future, stay tunned !

More details on Insteon Products here: http://www.insteon.net/


More Details on UPB products here: http://www.pcslighting.com/