New xLobby V3 Build 3.0.9184.76

xLobby V3 – Change Log

xLobby V3 - 3.0.9184.76
- 0000601: [generic] "background randomize stop" command added (stevenhanna6) - resolved.
- 0000094: [skin editor] allow buttons to be in a folder structure (stevenhanna6) - resolved.
- 0000603: [client/server] new playlist behaves incorrectly when controlling server zone (stevenhanna6) - resolved.
- 0000588: [content playback] Volume slider for zone 3 in "overlaymusiccontrols" incorrectly associated with "zone 6" (looks like a "Type-o") (stevenhanna6) - resolved.
- 0000605: [client/server] server event does not work for local button events (stevenhanna6) - resolved.
- 0000590: [client/server] client playlistname does not show up for a couple legacy variables (stevenhanna6) - resolved.
- 0000592: [generic] when you do a click with a touchscreen you cant move the track up/down/delete (stevenhanna6) - resolved.
- 0000594: [generic] non instant update sliders are more fluid (stevenhanna6) - resolved.
- 0000596: [skin editor] show labels check box added for skineditor (stevenhanna6) - resolved.
- 0000598: [skin editor] right click, paste no event bug (stevenhanna6) - resolved.
- 0000600: [client/server] when client is updating and server disconnects, client is stuck with update overlay (stevenhanna6) - resolved.
- 0000602: [client/server] disable client auto find server if you start server manually (stevenhanna6) - resolved.
- 0000341: [skin editor] Please add status box showing current "Style Name" in "Element Properties/Style" under (stevenhanna6) - resolved.
- 0000604: [client/server] playlist save/rename from client behaved inconsistantly (stevenhanna6) - resolved.
- 0000589: [installation] Alt-F2 set deamon tools location does not work (stevenhanna6) - resolved.
- 0000606: [client/server] tablet clients, new "show signal icon" in setup under xnet (stevenhanna6) - resolved.
- 0000591: [client/server] client/server slider bar for audio zone don't work (stevenhanna6) - resolved.
- 0000593: [client/server] "stop reconnection" popup button cannot be pressed for 5 seconds after popup (stevenhanna6) - resolved.
- 0000595: [skin editor] saving changes gives a little more detail now (stevenhanna6) - resolved.
- 0000597: [generic] single speech playback item at any given time (stevenhanna6) - resolved.
- 0000599: [client/server] bug in client/server that caused random invalidoperation crashes (stevenhanna6) - resolved.

The screen shots below show xLobbys setup menu on the XNET tab with a new checkbox Show Signal Icon, this new feature will display a small round circle in the top right corner that is used for wireless web tablets that indicate connection conditions to the xLobby server. This indicator will eventually make it into the skin editor so users can customize its location, change the graphic or add text. Future additional features will include a wi-fi signal meter for displaying to installers and users the signal levels of the wi-fi connection while using the tablet.

red5xLobby has lost all wi-fi connection

blue2xLobby is trying to reconnect

green2xLobby is connected to server





New xLobby Image tab in the skin editor now shows button state images, normal, enter, down and folder structure image selection.


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