New xLobby V3 Build 3.0.9191.90

xLobby V3 – 3.0.9191.90
0000371: [generic] Ipradio play does not honor zones (stevenhanna6) – resolved.
0000607: [generic] old slideshow images do not fade out (stevenhanna6) – resolved.
0000203: [skin editor] some kind of history tracking system, undelete ability (stevenhanna6) – resolved.
0000367: [content playback] mimic mode on client, not getting status of ip radio being displayed (current song) (stevenhanna6) – resolved.
0000443: [skin editor] Undo ctrl+z (stevenhanna6) – resolved.
0000609: [setup] display clone mode (xlobby on two displays, resolutions can be different), dvd playback and web browsers remain on main display (stevenhanna6) – resolved.
0000610: [skin editor] highlight bar becomes hidden after editing a text category (stevenhanna6) – resolved.
0000366: [content playback] mimic mode, ip radio not playing in zone chozen by client (stevenhanna6) – resolved.
0000611: [content playback] if in mimic mode and watched a movie, xlobby drags you back to media player (stevenhanna6) – resolved.
0000613: [setup] service status icon doesn’t line up (stevenhanna6) – resolved.
0000612: [skin editor] bring trigger to front if edit clicked again (stevenhanna6) – resolved.


xLobby skin editor screenshot with the Points tab menu open, shown with save, delete, load, reload buttons. This new feature allows you to set save points when modifying any part of the xLobby interface make changes and go back to any time during the design process, press the save button to create a save point shown by a time stamp in the list box, press the delete button to delete a saved point or use the load button to load any saved point in the save points list box. Use the reload origional skin to load the skin before any saved points were created.



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