The room has finally taken shape. There is still more work to be done but the room is basically ready for training and customer demos.

Things to finish:

1.  WACI integration

2.  Add automated shade

3.  More Calrad hardware, scalers, baluns (For training purposes)

4.  More UPB hardware

xLobby Room 9-17-09 (2)

xLobby Room 9-17-09 (6)

xLobby Room 9-17-09 (5)

xLobby rack images with wire management cleanup underway. Rear views of  (1) xLobby Standard client, (1) xLobby Blu-Ray client, Yamaha stereo receiver, Insteon and UPB modules. xLobby RF remote receiver for 95-1074TSR, 92-161 IR Distribution, WACI Controller, 40-1071 HDMI Balun.

xLobby Room 9-17-09 (7)

xLobby rack image with Wi-Fi wireless access point, (1) xLobby Mini client, NAS and external USB hard drives.

xLobby Room 9-17-09 (1)

GE-NX-8 Security system image, controlled by xLobby


This news post is subject to updates.


Wes Black