Cedia 2009

This year marks the 20th anniversary of CEDIA’s founding. The attendance at Cedia  2009 in Atlanta Georgia was better than I expected but reports from Cedia reported that the show was down about 12 percent,  the new venue is huge with more space to grow then denver, some drawbacks to the venu included a maze of escalators and long walkways from halls A, B to C the main entrance. The southern hospitality at the hotels, restraunts and at the convention was truly amazing. The booth was busy for most of the show except for the last day which is usually filled with brief surges of attendees and then slows down to handful of people. The booth was visited by current xLobby users as well as installers who were new to the xLobby platform. Users were impressed with the power of the skin editor and the in depth resources and tools for installers to use and customize xLobby to fit there needs integrating different products.

cedia 20th anniversary

 Image of the 20th anniversary sign at the show

xlobby booth cedia 1-09

Image of  the xLobby Accessories (WACI), (Global Cache, Russound Keypads and Insteon lighting control area of the Calrad Booth.

xlobby booth cedia 2-09

Shot of the Calrad booth, demonstrations of xLobby V3 with Bluray DVD management and playback.

xlobby booth cedia 3-09

Calrad Booth with xLobby UPB controled L.E.D lighting and HP touchsmart PC running xLobby software.

cedia show 3-09

Shot of the Cedia showroom floor before the show opens

Links to a few videos from Cedia

Lutron: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1ZJATceaFk&feature=player_embedded#t=169

Mirror Image TV’s from ad notam:

Samsung L.E.D TV’s: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YufIIgJZUag 

Calrad would like to thank all of our existing customers and new attendees for stopping by our booth and spending time with us, we are looking forward to seeing you again in 2010.

This news post will be updated over the next few days.


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