Using NAS Devices with xLobby

There are so many digital storage solutions available today, which product do I purchase plus the constant push for more disk capacity at a lower cost so the drive you use today is most likely gone tomorrow. The competitive cost conscious public sacrafices reliability for savings and so many products suffer from this unfortunately at the loss of all your media content, it takes months of using a new drive to only realize the web is plagued with unhappy people that have had constant problems with specific drive manufactures and that they experienced major failures that tossed all of their data content into oblivion. So it’s very important to do as much research as possible before purchasing a product that simply does not perform well. 

One product that we recommend is by Synology Network. The Synology Network attached storage system provides a solid disk management hardware platform to build your own NAS. It features extensive management tools and it’s DLNA certified. Using Western Digital Caviar Black hard drives has proven very reliable, these drives provide High performance (sustained peak 138MB/s), high reliability, cutting edge technology and a 5-year limited warranty it is the ideal drive for those who demand only the best.  

It’s always important to have a solid backup solution for your content. Hours and hours are spent loading and organizing your content to simply leave it in the fate of a single drive. You can use a Raid setup for a NAS or use the xLobby Sync technology to backup your content between drives.

Western Digital Caviar Black 

Western Digital Caviar Black  Hard Drive 

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synology NAS DS211J

Synology Model: DS211J

synology NAS DS411 

Synology Model DS411


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