The current bleeding edge release of xLobby now has a native Android xPad application that works with xLobby’s webserver system.  The new start page menu has two options, 1. Connect, connects the device to xLobbys webserver main page menu or 2. Settings, the new setup menu on the start page of the application is for entering the webserver IP location, xLobby Port, optional password feature to keep users out of settings. If connection is lost to the android device, the connecting screen with ip address and port locations are shown. Note the IP address goes only in this field and the port location goes only in the port field.

The new xLobby Native Android xPad system has many improvements over the older origional xPad webserver for android.

1. Faster interface, improved performance

2. Supports Landscape, Portrait modes more efficiently

3. (Future Support) for IP control devices directly without xLobby’s PC based OS or hardware

4. (Future Support) for Playback audio directly from a xLobby systems music library for local device audio playback

5. (Future Support) for Speech recognition directly from the tablet to xLobby control hardware, use your voice to control xLobby.

6. (Flat license fee) for system integrators, use as many iPad, iPod, Android devices on the xPad webserver system as needed.

xLobbys new xPad, Native Android control system

xLobby Native Android Diagram 2

Some future possibilities

xLobby Webserver Android Screenshot

xLobby Setup menu, Webserver settings screenshot

Android Screenshots


Android native applicaton, (Splash Screen)


Android Native application, (Settings Screen)


Android Native application, (Settings Screen)

This new platform will continue to expand, monitor your xLobby bleeding edge updates + updates from the native application for improvements, bug fixes and additional features, they will be available on an ongoing basis, stay tuned for continued news updates on the xLobby website.

xLobby Webserver Android Screenshot

The Android Native Application download is available at:

This news post is subject to changes and updates.

Wes Black